2016 Dec UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 45 Moreeb Dune

        Climbing 45 times no stop the tallest sand dune in UAE - One of the tallest in the world

2016 Jul UNITED ARAB EMIRATES RUN-MADAN Charity Event for Al Jalila Foundation

        150km form Abu Dhabi to Dubai fasting during Ramadan 

2016 Mar UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Tropic of Cancer

        365 km 128h The hardest ever done.

2014 Aug  UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Crazy Survival Training  

        165km 48h No food No water +53C   Sand Temperature +72C

2013 Jun ITALY Up&Down  Charity Event

        77.280 steps up & down a staircase 24h 

2012 Dec SAUDI ARABIA Empty Quarter  

        1200km attempt. Cancelled due of sand storm

2012 Aug EGYPT - SINAI  Coast to Coast

         250km 48h  Fasting for Ramadan.

         Al Jazeera World documentary Son of the Desert

2011 Aug  UNITED ARAB EMIRATES  The Crazy Training  

        100km 23h No food No water +59C   Sand Temperature +74C

2010 Dec EGYPT - SINAI  Moise's Track 

         148km 23h 50min

2010 Aug EGYPT - SINAI  Tih Plateu

         154km 25h 10min

2009 Aug YEMEN Sabatain Desert  

        400km attempt. Cancelled due of security reason 

2009 May PALESTINE - SINAI  Run for Love

        105km + 210km  Gaza Access Denied

2008 Aug OMAN Double Summer Cross 

         360km  ( 160+200 ) 75h +54C

2007 Aug OMAN Summer in Wahiba

        198km 49h  05min +58C 

2006 Apr QATAR  Central Line 

         202 km  38h  5min

2007 Dec OMAN Tropic of Cancer

        437 km 90h 20 min

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