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Once you have reached your limit, you have two choices: either abandon your goal or surrender the idea that this limit ever existed    

Breaking record after record, an Italian man is getting ready to face the last obscure piece of land in the heart of the harshest and unexplored desert in the world; the Empty Quarter (Rub al Khali) in Saudi Arabia. It is a 1,200 km desert of sand and nothing but sand. Entering the mind-set of this expert of extreme desert exploration you will be stunned by this brave adventurer who could make Sir Edmund Hillary's conquest of Everest or Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon seem like nothing in comparison.
Max Calderan is a well-known name in the Arabian Peninsula, and numerous articles have been written about him. In 2014, the Qatari AlJazeera broadcasting station dedicated a special documentary about him and broadcasted it worldwide. He has been welcomed by presidents, ministers and high-ranking authorities in the Arab world. International newspapers and TV stations have dedicated space to his feats and challenges of ‘alleged limits’ of the human body, in a territory where even Bedouins and herders are not able to resume their activities in its blazing heat. 
Technology is important, says Max, but when you get in the heat of the action, the only thing to do is to pray and ask for help from God and certainly not from the pair of shoes you are wearing. “I do not want to die, and I feel ready for doing something that no-one else has ever thought of doing before, simply because the challenge was considered impossible from the onset: impossible to go where no other human being in living memory has ever been to. Then, to our surprise we discover that there are no limits beyond man’s power.”
Max’s feats are just one long embrace with the point of no return. 


Max’s body temperature is over 41 degrees, his blood pressure is 70 over 30 (Max Calderan does not expect any medical assistance, and he monitors all parameters by himself).
After all, he is an extreme explorer, an expert of the desert and has a philosophy that does not leave room for any doubt. As a matter of fact, his project is called “Redefine   the Extreme”. Max is the only person who is able to stand the desert in the very middle of summer when temperatures soar to the highest worldwide. Max can face the desert in this way: • through self-sufficiency of food and water; • without any external help whatsoever; • without any medical or technical assistance; • running non-stop (night and day); • by micro-nap sleeping; • by never following tracks, roads, or paths which have previously trodden by other humans; • even in the very middle of summer (in heats of over 58 degrees).
“I wanted to do something that no man had ever done before, go where no-one else had ever gone, undertake challenges that nobody would have repeated, at all. I wanted to break through the absolute limit so I could tell everybody loud and clear You, too, are able to do this because no-one can stop you from chasing your dreams. You are far stronger and more powerful than what you think and believe you are.”
Max performed some of his most important feats (ranked first in the world) in the middle of summer and here is a short summary of those:
April 2006: Qatar. He crossed the longest diagonal line from the border with Saudi Arabia up to the Arabian Gulf: 202 kilometres nonstop in 38 hours.


January 2007: Oman. He became the first man in the world to follow the imaginary line of the Tropic of Cancer, covering 437 kilometres from the United Arab Emirates' border to the Gulf of Oman, in 90 hours and 20 minutes.
August 2007: Wahiba Sands desert in Oman. He became the first man in the world to cover 200 kilometres in 48 hours in the very middle of summer (+56 ° C) when even Bedouins themselves rest due to the excessive heat. 
August 2008: Oman. Summer double run at Sharqiya Sands. He covered 360 kilometres in a total of 75 hours. Peak temperature was about 58 degrees. Max covered the whole track, from East to West and from North to South, in two separate sessions. In the second session he ran out of water, doing without for 22 hours while covering 160 kilometres. The Bedouins could not believe their eyes when they saw Max Calderan disappear, only to re-emerge again, having been swallowed by the scorching sands.
May 2009: Palestine-Sinai. A 315 km run in total which was a double challenge in a desert with a human soul and a land which has been
immortalised by the Bible. The aim of his run was to carry a strong message of peace and togetherness amongst the people, thus the name "The Run for Love". After his official meeting with the Palestinian President Abu Mazen, Max set off from Ramallah (The West Bank) and crossed Jerusalem to reach Gaza, having covered 105 km. At an Israeli check-point, Max came to learn what having a gun-machine pointed at you, ready to be fired, means. Following that, after a short transfer, he resumed his run and crossed the Sinai Desert in Egypt to cover other 210 kilometres in which he opened a new path, under the incredulous eyes of the Bedouin tribes. This challenge had been written in the Sacred Book of Canun, kept at Saint Catherine’s Monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai.

August 2009: Yemen. Just as Max was about to cover 450 kilometres across the Ramlat Al-Sabatayn Desert, alleged terrorists, who were affiliated to Al-Qaeda, were arrested twelve hours before Max was due to start his run. The terrorists were arrested at the very point that Max wanted to reach which obliged Max to postpone his run to a safer, future date. 
August 2010: The Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Max crossed the 154 km length of the Tih Desert from south to north in almost 25 hours. Some Bedouins who live on its higher plains have never seen the sea nor the rain.
December 2010: The Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Max ran 148 km in 23 hours and 50 minutes, covering the area from Abu Zenima on the Red Sea to Saint Catherine at the foot of Mount Sinai, thus following the footsteps of Moses’ biblical exodus. The team that was supposed to welcome him at a certain check-point, did not see him arriving and began a search for him. They later discovered that he had already got through its narrow passages and labyrinths at an impressive speed hours before.
August 2011: United Arab Emirates, on the border with Saudi Arabia, near the historic Liwa Oasis. He defied his body resistance by not eating nor drinking for 24, 36, and 48 hours, and solely running non-stop across the 200 km of sand where the scorching temperature was over 74 degrees Celsius.
August 2012: Crossing the Sinai Desert coast to coast, covering 250 km in 48 hours from the Gulf of Suez to the Gulf of Aqaba. Al-Jazeera cameras followed Max and witnessed him complete another astonishing feat without drinking or eating from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan.  Al-Jazeera produced a documentary about Max’s impressive experience which was broadcasted all over the world. Al Jazeera published articles about Max’s experience on its home page for ten days in a row, together with the most important international front page news.

December 2012: Saudi Arabia and his first official attempt to cross the Empty Quarter. Max set off from Najran on the border with Yemen, but a very harsh sandstorm made him have to stop after having run only 270 km (the dunes shifted by 80 meters in 24 hours).
Afterwards, he remarked “... in those moments, one eats sand, breathes sand and spits sand...”
June 2013: Jesolo, Italy. A non-stop climb of a flight of 77 thousand stairs in 24 hours, to raise money for a charity event. Fourteen stairs to climb up, then along three meters of horizontal ramp and back down fourteen stairs. He walked 130,000 steps to cover a distance of 15,500 meters of a totally uneven land. So unrelenting.
Max Calderan would never throw in the towel. He is an unyielding believer. He believes that we can change what we call ‘world’: that world that we create around ourselves in an attempt to be happy and fulfilled. His journeys have become a message he writes one step after another with his footprints on the sand. 
Max Calderan considers the “Redefining the Extreme” project as a way to take man back to his origins and roots when he used to roam alone for hundreds of kilometres, having very little food and water at his disposal. Starting from the Homo Sapiens, our ancestors used to travel to far off places and probably had only short naps for fear of being devoured by beasts.
In this perspective, the project, which began in 2006, will end with a great challenge that will bridge the last remaining gap in the story of land exploration with an attempt to cross the last largely unexplored place on our planet; a place of sand and mystery where the Bedouins would not risk going, even if accompanied by the most expert guides, for a fear so great that even their camels dare not tread there. It is a place from which migratory birds swerve away and oil companies are unable to fully access.

This place is the desert of the Empty Quarter (Rub Al Khali) in Saudi Arabia (a 1200 km journey in total). This challenge had already been undertaken without success in 2012. It is the biggest sand desert in the world, and Max is going to cross through its central part, thus connecting the two most extreme points. 
Max Calderan says: “The secret of Life is precisely here. It is from this point that Man began discovering the world and it is not by chance that this land is the only place on Earth that is completely uncontaminated by humans." 
He expresses his reaction to death in the emotional balance he has reached. Once, he was asked “What would you do if you felt that death is imminent?" He answered candidly by replying “I would certainly not despair. I am trained for avoid her...”
Max's confidence and peacefulness in dealing with difficulties developed in adolescence while already an extreme athlete of climbing sports and extreme ski-mountaineering. 
His endeavours were fulfilled when he was awarded a Medal of Civil Valour by the President of the Republic, for being the winner of the Pentathlon military national championships and for having graduated with the highest honours in Sports Science, after having presented an experimental thesis which was subsequently published in a prestigious scientific American magazine.
He has been the manager of a multinational pharmaceutical company, trainer and entrepreneur. In his private life, he has gone through tremendously difficult times both professionally and emotionally. “ I qualify myself to make remarks because what I speak about are experiences which I have been through, some of which were dramatic. Instead of surrendering, crying, and despairing, I transformed those difficulties into opportunities in order to test myself, without having to be thankful to anybody, apart from God.” “This is my goal now: to make as many people as possible aware of their greatness and their huge untapped potential waiting to be developed by using all the instruments that technology and commonsense have put at our disposal. But, before all of that, let usexploit ourselves. Let us ask ourselves what we are doing to improve the world and to fight evil and injustice which dominate us. Let us first improve ourselves so that the world can benefit. I am a believer not a dreamer! I am not mad for crossing desolate inaccessible deserts. Fools are those who do nothing to change the world or themselves, who only complain and shuffle away their responsibilities by off-loading them  onto other people’s shoulders.

The Extreme Desert Explorer

Max Calderan is able to cross way deserts in this way :

NO STOP     







Among his 11 record exploration


-He has run 90 hours never stopping covering 437 km in Oman following the ideal line of Tropic of Cancer.

-He's run 360 km in 75 hours across  Oman's deserts in summer time with temperature +58 C.

-He's run in EGYPT 148 km 23 h  opening a totally new off road track, now passable by the bedouins.

-He's run in EGYPT 250 km 49 h, fasting during Ramadan 2013 followed by Al jazeera Documentary team.

-He's run 100 km in 24h no drinking - no eating at all in summer in Liwa desert U.A.E. with temperature +55 degrees. 


-And many others extreme deserts exploration in Middle East and in Sahara Regions . 



Sport & Mental Trainer - Speaker - Author - Opinionist - Extreme Explorer - Adventurer 

Extreme Desert Explorer, defined son of the desert and desert's cheetah, Max has crossed the most insidious and impassable sands in the world, surviving in conditions that are beyond any known  human limits. Max has pushed his limit over all scientific studies.

Medicine is still unable to give a scientific explanation to his achievements.

Among his several record exploration he has run 90 hours never stopping covering 437 km in Oman following the ideal line of Tropic of Cancer.  He's run 360 km in 75 hours across  United Arab Emirates in summer time with temperature of 140 fahreneit .


Max Calderan  is the only man in the world able to cross way deserts in this way :








Great motivator, an extraordinary expert of deserts, Max, without medical care and in complete solitude, carrying a backpack with only the  essentials, has exceeded all limits known written in DNA, above all that one that every day prevents us from being truly free: fear of going over.

Max Calderan was born in Italy , near Venice on July 1, 1967.

Child lively and attentive investigator, undertakes the path of young multi-talented athlete looking out successfully , first from climbing and extreme skiing and reaching later recognized levels of performance in more than 15 sports.
In 1988 he began his career as a teacher trainer, contemporary as a  mental trainer according to the methods of the French school.
Dedicated himself to the study of the mechanisms that regulate the reactions of the human body to external stimuli and developed over the years in collaboration with a leading genetics lab in Europe, a genomic test that today allows you to revolutionize the concept of prevention / obtaining results.

His studies have a publication in the scientific journal "The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness."
Graduated in Physical Education with 110 cum laude, sports trainer and mental coach, has formed since 1989 (the year of the beginning of his career) hundreds of athletes and common people, leading them to achieve the desired objectives as well as numerous sports people looking for an improvement in the their physical fitness or their attitude.

He worked for nearly twenty years covering managerial roles  at major pharmaceutical companies, during this period he deepened his research in two areas that have always fascinated him: sleep deprivation and defense mechanisms that regulate the emotion of fear.

Several years of experience in important business fields, the  management and ownership of a sport and coaching company  in the United Arab Emirates, the epic sport career, the  deviations from the so called physical and mental limits,  represent only a small part of the background of the trainer Max Calderan.

The objective of Max is to  transfer his experiences and its valuable know-how through unconventional training sections founded on the uniqueness and authenticity of the person and able to provide concrete and practical tools to push the boundaries, to unlock the potential of your mind and achieve balance.

The goal is to lead to the discovery of his own method, the same that led to the achievement of  infinite and stunning goals of Max. His DESERT ACADEMY offers innovative forms of education dedicated to the person, to the company and to the sport world.


With simple and innovative tools he brings concrete results and performance of a high standard in terms of personal and professional growing.

Max is special guest to several conferences both for private and governmental companies, proving to be an incredible resource both for attendees and managers with motivational goals.


Max Calderan dedicated his life to his greatest passion, the extreme sport activities ( free solo climbing, extreme skiing, extreme ice climbing and finally the extreme desert explorations)  , that realizes proving himself undisputed champion in his specialty with assets of 11 world records.

Great motivator,extraordinary expert deserts, Max, without medical care and in complete solitude, carrying a backpack with only the bare essentials, it has exceeded all limits known written in DNA, from what every day prevents us from being truly free: the fear of going "beyond".


His figure has always been linked with a mystical connotation and his explorations are always followed and shared with respectful recognition.

The science of time you're wondering how it is possible that this man survives against the force of a nature that not spare even the Bedouin as among the most experienced and  how it is possible  that his lungs  heart are still like of a small boy.


A noble heart that values ​​its record a human and social value. Instead of Medals and podiums,  he prefers powerful projects useful for everybody: unlock the power within the people for a better life going beyond the mental and physical limits of ordinary life.

The believe of Max is the UNIQUENESS of every human being who must find their own personal way and to make the most of their potential that is unique and can not be expressed starting from conditioning.  

No tips or generic tools extrapolated from a statistical average but  concrete actions and tailor-made for every singl person. The goal is back to the origine whose starting point is the analysis of our own DNA.




Be yourself  always

You are not an average 


Don’t follow other people

thoughts for reach your personal goal 


My desert explorations on foot  are never stopping and never sleeping day and night. 5 minutes power nap on demand  (walking too !!) and I’m able to cover more than 360 km on sand dunes in 75 hours, in summer too..

In ordinary life I sleep 3 hours daily. The secret? I never believed in my life that what’s written in a Medicine book is the standard for billions people and that I able to find the way to go beyond the limit, because all of us are ONE not AVERAGE..


One of the many methods that allows me to perform my enterprises dealing with emotions and commitments with lucid awareness is the right management of sleep deprivation.

Always using  a  primordial sleep technique  that brings man to when, in the womb, slept as needed.


I have  created a  revolutionary method, without following previous studies, implementing sleep microcycles furthering the innate physiological demands related to an unconscious mechanism, the only way to tend to yield a better sleep-wake balance  in terms of performance.

This way of sleeping  is designed in combination with diet, eating small quantity of food, but frequently,  and low in carbohydrates. Differents techniques, has been used by Leonardo da Vinci, Winston Churchill, Napoleon. But the new revolutionary method that I have created is totally different and powerful. 


Managers, doctors and sportsman will allow to gain valuable hours of life and to achieve greater energy, power and receptivity.


It may seems strange but I don’t eat carbs. Sometimes one or two biscuits a very small quantity of fruit  (blueberries,  pineapple,  coconut) and  vegetables (cucumbers, arugula, celery). 

Tons of almonds, walnuts.  Fish and eggs, olive oil and butter. No milk or cheese ( sometimes) , camel milk when possible, , no yogurt , I don’t like at all sweets and cakes , I don’t like to have  complete meals.

I only eat when I am hungry and without fixed hours, and only what I feel at that moment is right for me.



My favorite workout when I have little time, is to cover 100 km in less than 24 hours in the dunes of Liwa Oasis in United Arab Emirates without drinking, without eating or sleeping, also in July or August ..

Drinking water is , of course, important but only when I'm thirsty I drink .. I do not like to fill my belly with water and then run to the bathroom 20 times a day.

Going beyond the limits, in a conscious way is very funny and above all "open the mind" to a new way of taking care of ourselves


I do not use any kind of supplement, or mineral salt, or  miracle food. I simply follow my “feeling” and what I do has been confirmed by DNA analysis .

I suggest to everyone to undergo genomic testing specialized for sport and good management of ordinary life and you can find it here. 

Anyway you can try, after a dna test, to assume daily: immunostimulant based on mushroom and  glutatione.




Fear is an emotion dominated by instinct that aims your survival from danger.

Nature has created it to break whenever there is a possible threat to your safety and is usually accompanied by an increase in heart rate and main physiological functions defensive. 

The social and cultural conditioning, attempts to meet the expectations of the environment of your social, professional and  family life.

The  fear is no longer triggered by perception of a real danger  but the expectation that there may be negative situations within your life, even in the absence of objective dangers.

I do not act for fear of making mistakes,I do not like for fear of suffering, I do not change for fear of the uncertain, I not expose myself expose for fear of judgment. In this sense, the fear loses its primary function, related to the natural conservation of the species and instead becomes the expression of mental, spiritual and body discomfort. 


This situation  proves the perfect environment for the creation of unnecessary limitations, phobias and conditioning in sharp contrast with our perfect nature. Max Calderandissolved the fear and  conquered more and more freedom.


Max, through a living sensory exploration  ,outside of any scheme,  get several people in touch with the deepest part of themselves through which face their fears by realizing that in fact, fear, never existed.