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Gut Flora and   DNA

''The key is the combination of anlysis of Gut Flora + dna target analysis + nutrition + posturology + positive mind attitude''

In today's society, we are increasingly subjected to stressful situations. Assessment of how stress affects the nervous system of an athlete facing extreme conditions, could be useful to understand if personal genetics can manage this impact with stress hormones, such as cortisol, which is known for reducing lifespan. It would be great to make a synthesis of what are presented to us as separate parts: body and mind.​
The analysis of our Genes and our Gut Flora opens the path to prevention and to targeted and customised treatment which match what is written in our dna. This decreases the possibility of being slaves to a special form of thought which is typically pharmacological in front of “diseases”.
Very often we choose our food on the basis of tastes imposed on us in our childhoods, rather than on the basis of our real physiological necessity related to needs of the cells produced by our DNA. 
The beneficial bacteria found in our gastrointestinal tract play an important role in digestion and assimilation of food and have a strong influence on regulating the immune system.
On the other hand one intestinal imbalance (dysbiosis) is associated with a low, but constant, level of inflammation that inexorably leads to: insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, intestinal permeability and depression.

The most surprising thing in these extreme challenges in places where no other human has ever been able to set foot, is that we can reach a limit that stands between science and something else. There are no scientific studies about athletic exasperation in extreme environments, except those carried out in controlled environments where the athlete’s health is the only priority. Being controlled, these conditions lack the distinguishing variable of the instinct to survive.

I manage sleep, nutrition and training by applying a dietary principle which is unique in the world for myself, combining the micro-cycle sleep method with carbohydrate-free snacks to avoid alteration in blood sugar levels and the subsequent release of insulin, which is the hormone that destabilises energy performance. Each of us can create his own method.

Zealous supporters of traditional medicine and those of homeopathy are two never-meeting currents. A person needs enormous physical effort and great faith in the desert.

Revealing medical data about myself has been given to me. However, these data are of no importance to me, no matter how significant they are. I have been found to have a perfect heart which is exactly the same as that of an eighteen-year old boy and in the same condition as an unused organ.

It has been discovered that my sleep during my feats is similar to that of dolphins, in which half a hemisphere is asleep while the other half is awake, which then swit roles. This condition allows me to walk non-stop while being apparently asleep.

It has been found that my lung capacity is normal except for the fact that I use 100% of it.

I have undergone a complete DNA mapping and complete Gut Flora analysis which gave standard results but also a lot of information for a strong health prevention. All my internal organs are in normal condition.

The difference is in the synchronous and harmonious use of my organs in order to achieve excellent performance. It is the same as playing the seven music notes one at a time, which is an easy thing to do, while creating harmonious music is a more difficult task. We have to be dedicated, have inspiration or be inspired.

I worked for nearly twenty years covering managerial roles  at major pharmaceutical companies, during this period I deepened my research in genetic  area studying  the mechanisms that regulate the reactions of the human body to external stimuli and I developed over the years in collaboration with a leading genetics lab in Europe, a genomic test that today allows you to revolutionize the concept of prevention / obtaining results.

The key is the combination of anlysis of Gut Flora + dna target analysis + nutrition + posturology + positive mind attitude.

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natgene test microbioma gut flora
natgene test microbioma gut flora
Researchers believe that the intestine is our
second brain
With analysis of the Gut Flora 
we can take action on something that is currently existing
( bacteria )
With analysis of the DNA
we can  take action on something that 
potentially could be
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