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Motivational , inspirational and business speaker, inspire the greatest success with Max Calderan,  recognized as an excellent speaker able to transfer his experience in several field of common life.

Companies like Epson , Bayer, Qatar Airways and many others chose Max to awaken the people " Force Within’’. 

What has allowed Max to achieve these outstanding results were intense workouts , investment of time and energy, spirit of sacrifice and the belief that nothing can limit our potential. 

The basic concept is that no result can be achieved without great effort and sacrifice supported by strong energy and motivation.

The parallelism is between the professional and personal challenges of everyday life and the challenge on facing the unknown desert.

He focuses on the importance of teamwork and values the importance of believing in your team and in the value of collaboration

Several years of experience in important business fields, the  management and ownership of an holding  in the United Arab Emirates, the epic sport career, the  deviations from the so-called physical and mental limits,  represent only a small part of the background of the speaker Max Calderan.

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