Limits are Made to be Broken

max calderan UAEndurance

Mission Accomplished.


Location Al Qudra cycling track

Start 3:56am

End 7:07pm

Km: 78

Fasting time: 15h 11min ( no water no food at all)

Temp. Max +50C at 4pm



Inspiring the creation of new team of people that start believing that the limits aren't where we suppose they are.

A new generation of people that can face difficulties to become even stronger.

If we want to develop a winning mentality we have to learn how to focus the body first.

Being in the desert loneliness we have more opportunity to start the deepest activities of changing also our mind attitude.



We need to consume about 1 litre of water for every 1,000 kcal you consume during the day.  But in addition, you lose water through sweating when you exercise.  A good rule of thumb is that you lose around half a litre for each hour that you exercise – and it can be substantially more ( up to one liter per hour) than this if it is a hot day.


Some evidence shows that modest levels of dehydration lead to significant falls in athletic performance. Our blood is about 82% water.  As we sweat more, our volume of blood is reduced, and our cardiovascular system works less efficiently at getting oxygen to our muscles.  A loss of water equal to 2% of our body weight (a litre and a half for a 75kg person) could reduce our aerobic capacity by up to 20%. Bigger sweat losses than this can lead to dangerous dehydration


Coming soon an official ''race'', the first of this genre in the world, that will be at the end of a training focused on the importance of the water in our life.


New research suggests that training in the heat may be more beneficial for fitness than doing equivalent training in cooler weather.

The combination of a proper fasting and running/walking, followed in a proper and scientific way can give an ''upgrade'' in our body structure in tems of becoming stonger.


Who was walking with Max during The Fasting Run

-Laurent from France for the first 13 km ( morning)

-Mirko from Italy for 2 section of 13 km late morning and afternoon)

-Nils from France with his father for almost 7 km ( afternoon very hot +50C)

-Roberto from Italy in the evening

-Silvio, only 6 years old with his father Alfio for the last km !


What says the Genetic:

Dr. PhD Matteo Cerboneschi, Italy, CEO Nextgenomics a Genetic Laboratory focused on Structural and Functional Genomics, Molecular Diagnosis and Biotechnology Applications.

I have been followed for the last 10 years by Dr Cerboneschi, in order to discover how I'm capable to substain so extreme athletic gesture in extreme environment.

He said :'' it's very rare to find so low score level in all several health area related to the common disease'' - '' from genetic point of view Max has a very low level of production of ematic cortisol hormon ( the so called stress hormon)  and consequently a very high capability to absorbe high stress level.''


-from Al Jazeera Documentary 'Son of the Desert'' min. 29:58


But the truth is that doesn't matter the starting point, Any one of us has the opportunity to change his life in a better way and the first step is to improve our physical capability without predifined limits.



Monviso Water

Montura (Outdoor clothes)

Royal Aesthetica Poly Clinc( Available Doctor)

max calderan UAEndurance
Max Calderan The Fasting Run
Max Calderan The Fasting Run
Max Calderan The Fasting Run
max calderan UAEndurance

Dubai explorer Max Calderan to walk from Suhoor to Iftar.

This Friday, a Dubai-based desert explorer and extreme athlete plans to make a statement about the boundless limits of the human spirit, the importance of food and water, and the necessity of exercise even during the Holy Month of Ramadan, by running and walking as many kilometers as he can in the hours between Suhoor and Iftar, while fasting.

Max Calderan, an Italian national, is calling his feat the "fasting run".

"One of the meanings of Ramadan is that is it a moment of awareness about the importance of food and water, especially when there are people in the world that cannot have them daily," he told Khaleej Times. "But I think it's also a time to give back and also provide a different point of view, even for people who aren't Muslim. It can be useful for many to understand the meaning of Ramadan."

To accomplish this, Calderan plans to run around a 50-kilometre track that passes through dunes and near to the Bab Al Shams hotel in Al Qudra Lakes. He will have a support team in place in case of any emergencies.

"Let's see how very difficult it is," he noted. "This will boost everyone's capabilities to understand the real meaning of what a lack of food and water means, and also boost our own limits. During Ramadan, many people say they can't do sports, or only do so after 10pm or midnight."

"Let's build a new team of people that start believing that the limits aren't where we suppose they are," he added. "We can make a new generation of people that can face difficulties to become even stronger."

Calderan is no stranger to seemingly impossible feats of physical endurance.

Last Ramadan, for example, he walked, non-stop and while fasting, 150 kilometers in under 24 hours between Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Dubai's Jumeirah Mosque to raise awareness about the less fortunate and the work of the Al Jalila Foundation. In a previous adventure, Calderan also ran -- again while fasting -- 250 kilometers across the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

This year, Calderan said he hopes people join him, even if only for a brief part of his arduous trek.

"It could be for one hour, two hours, or even just for 30 minutes," he said. "For me, it's a matter of training and giving a message."

From a purely athletic perspective, Calderan also said he believes that occasional training in hot weather can be good for the body, and even help prepare people for emergency situations.

"Some research shows that training in the heat can be more beneficial than the same training in cooler weather. We need to break that mentality," he noted. "Also, we live in a desert area. People can get lost. If you try at least one time to walk or run while fasting, you can prepare yourself to reach distances of 40 or 50 kilometers without drinking. It's all about controlling your mind." 

"Even in Ramadan, we can do many things," he added.

Max Calderan The Fasting Run
Max Calderan The Fasting Run
Max Calderan The Fasting Run
Max Calderan The Fasting Run
Max Calderan The Fasting Run