First ever on foot crossing - 365km No Stop - United Arab Emirates - 18 /23 March 2016



I am so very keen on cleanliness which I consider as a full liberation from all materials and energies that uselessly fill out not only our closets, but also the lives of those around us.


A kettle left laying there for so many years, the regret one feels for not having taken a certain train, and perpetually brooding over a bygone situation which has kept us and others motionless.


My concept of “keeping things” is linked to usefulness. Yes, it is linked to things like the jersey I wore when I broke my first record, to drawings made by my children, to my first record of Freddy Mercury, and to all other things that have an ultimate importance and whose presence is always a push forward and never a step behind.


It is my destiny that a pair of orthopedic shoes had been able to push me forward and have me filled with a thrust to run and keep on running like mad.


At the age of six, these shoes were prescribed to me by an orthopedist, thinking that my ‘hyperactivity’ was blamed on a serious problem I had with my feet.

The doctor advised my mother that I should not have made excessive efforts when I play and recommended I should take up more moderate and less vigorous activities.


I had my feet imprisoned into those shoes, and I have a very clear recollection of how I started walking in those shoes while my spirit was overwhelmed with impatience to my situation which I fully considered as unjust and unnatural during that period of the full blossoming of youth.


No more than a fraction of a second separated the lapse between my first attempts of rebellion and the feeling of sadness. Luck played an important role when my mother refused the idea that a 6 year old child should taste the feeling of sadness.


And there, my shoes went flying out of the window. My mother pulled my shoes off and tossed them out to the front yard. She said to me “From now on you will be walking barefoot”. She let run barefoot in the grass, on stones and on gravels.


I still do not know whether she was conscious of what she was doing or that she was just moved by her maternal instinct. However, I am sure that I have run so hard and that I cherish 11 records in my heart and feet. I am also certain that these shoes are one of the most precious object I ever had.

Very often it happens that what we take for hindrances, are in fact nothing less than an important boost to overcome them. I invite all of you to find at least one of these boosting objects, meetings, or situations in your life. Each of us has their own ‘orthopedic shoes’ to screw up and then cling to and hold tight.


I take the opportunity of thanking those shoes to announce my next record:


THE TROPIC OF CANCER – world première – 365 km non-stop –

United Arab Emirates – 18/23 March 2016 ‪#‎dontcrackunderpressure‬‪ #‎maxcalderan‬ ‪#‎thesonofthedesert



I am Not Average

The Tropic of Cancer, also referred to as the Northern Tropic, is the most northerly circle of latitude on the Earth at which the Sun may appear directly overhead at its culmination. 


The imaginary line is called the Tropic of Cancer because when the Sun reaches the zenith at this latitude, it is entering the astrological sign of Cancer.


The Tropic of Cancer position is not fixed, but varies in a complicated manner over time. It was at exactly 23° 27′ in year 1917.


Max Calderan already crossed it in Oman in 2007, where he covered the 437 km of mountains and sand in almost 90 hours facing extreme environment.


On the 18th of March 2016 The Son of the Desert will attempt to run no stop over the 365km of the whole Tropic of Cancer in UAE.


He will start from Saudi’s border and will arrive close to the  Oman’s border after a no stop of extreme physical effort crossing the full distance running and walking over  thousands of sand dunes.


maxx calderan tropic of cancer

Max Calderan selfie at a check point 

max calderan tropic of cancer

Max Calderan bed..  during his nap

- FROM  '' MIRROR '' UK -


Extreme explorer becomes first man to walk 211 miles across world's harshest unexplored desert.
Max Calderan has dreamed of crossing the Arabian Desert since childhood, and now he's become the first man to do it - and live to tell the tale.

A man has just completed the first ever trek on foot by a human across one of the world's most inhospitable environments - the Arabian Desert's Rub Al Khali.

Max Calderan covered the 211 mile trek, including the area known as the Empty Quarter, in 128 hours of walking - 600,000 steps along the Tropic of Cancer.
Also known as "Son of the Desert", Max, who lives in Shams in the United Arab Emirates, tackled the trail which took him through the UAE from the Saudi Arabian border to Oman.

And he reveals that the walk has been his dream since he became obsessed with the desert as a little boy.

The Italian explorer is a well-known name in the Arabian Peninsula, and revealed that when the heat is beating down, the only thing to do is to pray and ask for help from God.

Before the walk, he wrote on his website: "I do not want to die , and I feel ready for doing something that no-one else has ever thought of doing before, simply because the challenge was considered impossible from the onset: impossible to go where no other human being in living memory has ever been to. Then, to our surprise we discover that there are no limits beyond man’s power.”


When he returned to an adoring public - including his six-year-old son Lion Saeed - he revealed: "I was so overwhelmed by the love and support and can’t explain the feeling."


Max Calderan  at thefirst 100 km

Max Calderan  during the sandstorm at 260 km 

The 48-year-old completed his walk in March, when temperatures can hit daytime highs of 40°C in the summer.

He says that he was shocked at first by the speed which he had to adopt.

"It took me an hour to cover just one km on the first evening. With three bottles of water in hand, I walked all night," Calderan told Gulf News.


The training he undertook before he left included depriving himself of food, water and sleep for long hours to covering 700 floors non-stop in his 46-storey building in one night.

He also showered and changed into his expedition clothes three days in advance to smell as natural as possible and help keep foxes and other animals at bay.


His reasons for making the trek were, he said, to help people to dream.

"My journey is meant to inspire people that if they have a strong dream, nothing can stop them from achieving it... It’s the journey, not the goal that brings you joy.”


As a child, he said, his mum bought him a set of encyclopedia in 1974: "I remember pulling out one of the volumes and opening a page that happened to feature the Rub Al Khali or Empty Quarter in this part of the world. I was fascinated by its beauty.

"I found myself making a painting out of it and vowing to my mum that I would walk through this desert one day.”

maxx calderan tropic of cancer

Max Calderan nap

max calderan tropic of cancer

Max Calderan , a modified plastic bottle as protection from the sand storm

maxx calderan tropic of cancer